Treasure Raiders (2007)

Treasure Raiders

Viewing Date: 9/11/14


An American professor (Brand) teams up with a Russian biker (Nevsky) to search for historical treasures buried in and around Moscow.  (From IMDB)

Starring: David Carradine and Sherilyn Fenn


Say “Professor”

Guitar riffs

Rip-offs from other movies

Cars jumping

Cliché Russian names

Say “Wolf”


“I’ve got a hobby that pays a little more.”

“We do not need a new champion.”

“A lot of racers talk the talk, but you my friend talk the talk.”

“I dumped the cocaine in the Moscow river.”

“I want ze money and ze cocaine back!!!”

“Don’t worry baby, you’re safe now.”

“I’m glad our relatives didn’t have any curses.”

Viewer Quotes:

“There’s nothing I like better than non-nude dance clubs.”

“Can committing another crime really be your alibi?”

Things we learned:

-You can leave a street race to go steal money from a drug deal and come back without missing a beat.

-A biography written by a person about that same person can still be considered a biography.


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