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Viewing Date: 10/25/18

Starring: Nic Cage, Sophie Skelton, Wes Cage Coppola (Nic’s son)

Plot: Inspired by one of the longest and bloodiest real-life events in police history. Officer Mike Chandler (Nicolas Cage) and a young civilian passenger find themselves under-prepared and outgunned when fate puts them squarely in the crosshairs of a daring bank heist in progress by a fearless team of highly trained and heavily armed men. (via Rotten Tomatoes)


  • “Chesterford”
  • Terrible accents
  • Shooting / killing innocent civilians


  • “They pushed me into the toilet so I came out and swung.”  “I would have done the same thing.”
  • “Bull’s eye!”
  • “They make plans against the planner, and turn your trap into an escape route.”
  • “Hey Kenny, where’s that phone you’re always screwing around with?  I’m going to take some new pics.”

What We Learned

  • They use Sony cell phones in Bulgaria.
  • If you’re a band of mercenaries looking for payback on money that is owed, you just need the name a random bank that may have been involved….  and then rob it.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline

Image result for day of the dead bloodline

Viewing Date: 10/4/18

Starring: Zombies

Plot: A small group of military personnel and survivalists dwell in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies. (via IMDB)


  • Bodies exploding after being attacked by a zombie
  • “Science”
  • Blood / zombie blood on the camera lens


  • “What do you miss?  Ice cream sundaes?  Chicken nuggets?”  “I miss people shutting the fuck up.”

Viewer Quotes

  • “Oh I hope he eats some kids!”

What We Learned

  • Rapists are immune to the zombie virus.
  • It would be better for any actors / actresses to just use their own native accent than botch an American accent.  The audience will care less, we promise.