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Date Watched: 7/27/17

Starring: Peter Weller, Daniel Stern, Ernie Hudson aka little Chinese karate guy, Hector “Lyle” Elizondo

Plot: Alien, but in the ocean


  • Scientific mumbo jumbo
  • Pepsi product placement
  • Daniel Stern being a scumbag
  • Mutations


  • “When I get up top, I’ll be drinking beers and eating pussy.”
  • “Generic alteration?” – “Genetic!”
  • “Homo aquaticus”
  • “That’s just great.  You’re telling me we got a god-damned dracula in here?!”
  • “I realize you’ve gone through hell.” – “Gone – Bitch, we’re still here!”
  • “Hey, I ain’t never going to be able to sleep again in life.  Ever.”

Viewer Quotes

  • “Is she running without a bra?”
  • “You want a Russian to take medicine?  Put it in the vodka.”
  • “The sharks are unnecessary at this point.”

Things We Learned

  • Science stuff courses in tubes in the kitchen in mining shacks.
  • The best way to mutate a Russian is to spike the vodka.
  •  Leviathans drink blood and absorb the intelligence of its victims.
  • Punching your boss makes you feel better.

Final Take: This was a movie a few of us remembered to be pretty dang scary to our 8 year old selves, but it doesn’t quite live up to the memory.  The effects aren’t nearly as special anymore and you’re left just wishing for more t & a.  Ernie Hudson is the best thing about this movie.  It might be worth watching just for a few of his late-movie quotes.  Other than that, it was less than noteworthy.