Bad Movie Thursday started out organically.  It was just a few friends getting together for Thirsty Thursday minor league baseball games that needed something to do afterwards.  Someone had the idea to try and watch some old 80’s movies we were all nostalgic about from our childhood.  Sounded great.

“Space Camp” was one of the first, and it was pretty bad.  The nostalgia ebbed quickly.  “D.A.R.Y.L.” happened somewhere in there and was a downright travesty.  Then we watched “Explorers”, which some remembered mocking even as kids, and everything changed.  The childhood love of these light comedy adventures was shattered, replaced by an almost incredulous ridicule.  That’s when the rest of the idea for BMT began to take shape.

We started hitting up Hollywood Video’s used clearance rack in the search for bad movies, finding gems like “Shredder” and “The Villain.”  We researched to find the most notorious of them, like “Battlefield Earth” and “Troll 2”.  Most were so bad we had to create games about them to keep them interesting.  That’s when the rules were introduced.  Soon after that it was clear that the same rules were being used over and over.  These became the standing house rules.  They had to be written down somewhere, giving birth to the BMT Log (the first of which was covered in lips for some reason and was therefore known as the Lip Log).

Now we’re here, recording things in the cloud for posterity.  There was a time when I thought we’d run out of bad movies to watch.  Watching one a week we’d surely go through them and move on to something else.  It’s clear now how impossible that is.  They’re everywhere, and more are made every day (thanks, Tyler Perry).  You better get used to them.  And if you take any lessons away from this site, let it be this: “You can’t solve all the world’s problems with a shotgun.”

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