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Starring:  Ragin Cagein

Date Watched: 9/25/14

Plot: When the daughter of a reformed criminal is kidnapped, he rounds up his old crew and seeks his own brand of justice.


  • Cage gets filled with Rage
  • Men with masks
  • Bigoted remarks and/or racist remarks
  • Wife pleads for something
  • Cage pulls out or brandishes a knife


  • “I would expect you to get shot trying to protect her!”
  • “How deep do you want this to go?” –  “How deep is hell?”
  • “It’s OK, you’ll be dead soon.” <gentle, soothing voice>
  • “Rap sheet as long as my dick.”
  • “While you were getting high… and your dick wet…they got Cain.”

Viewer Quotes

  • “That hair is the most ridiculous shit ever.”
  • “That’s definitely not Just For Men.” – “It’s Just For Cage.”
  • “What’s this guy’s accent?  What is this, the movie of ridiculous accents?”
  • “Dude, he hasn’t been filled with Rage even once.”
  • “Whoever was the hair stylist on this movie is the WORST.”

What We Learned

  • Danny Glover should not be in an HD Movie.
  • Danny Glover was only 41 when filming Lethal Weapon.  Was he really getting too old for that shit?
  • Danny Glover is still on the force, despite being a few weeks from retirement 30 years ago.
  • Sometimes the rage kills your friends.
  • Never trust Russians.

Final Take