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Left Behind: World at War


Date Watched: 9/3/2015

Starring: Kirk Cameron, Louis Gossett Jr, BJ

Plot: The world falls into chaos as Nicolae Carpathia detonates nuclear devices across the globe and stages multiple devastating attacks against both the Tribulation Force and an international militia, led by U.S. President Gerald Fitzhugh.


  • “God”
  • “Jesus”
  • “Christian”
  • “Bible”
  • “Buck”


  • “We really need to keep our faith in times like these.  Sometimes it’s all we have.”
  • “Remember what Bruce told us on our wedding day.  We can’t die until God says it’s time.”
  • “That’s not humanly possible… is it?”
  • “Why did you let this happen, God?  What did I do?  Is this some kind of a game?  A test?”

Viewer Quotes

  • “Louis Gossett Jr. believes in Christ, so obviously he is an officer and a Gentleman.”
  • “Man, her hair is in the past.”
  • “I like how the germs are green smoke.”  –  “Is the hobgoblin going into those bibles?”
  • “I wish Obama was that kind of president… carrying out secret missions on his own.”
  • “You know what would be fun, him (Kirk Cameron) and Tom Cruise in a war of words.”
  • “I hope this is the last movie.  This is like ending Star Wars at Empire Strikes Back.”
  • “That guy has been dying for like, an hour. Just jibber-jabbering.”

What We Learned

  • The president spends his time personally interrogating people.
  • The president hides in trunks to escape the white house for no reason.
  • Germs are spread in clouds of dark green smoke.
  • The president prefers to work alone, sans secret service.
  • The president is one of God’s chosen warriors.
  • God can make you invisible.

Final Take: