Warlock 3: The End of Innocence


Date Watched: 11/15/18

Starring: Bruce Payne, Ashley Laurence?

PlotCollege students encounter a warlock, who looks a lot like the previous warlock but works for less money, probably.  These students have almost nothing in common but are friends for some reason.  All hell breaks loose.


  • The ending of “innocence” (open to interpretation)
  • Bad music and scene transitions
  • The house kills someone
  • “Warlock” (someone says warlock)
  • Visions with screeching eagles
  • Warlock spells


  • “I don’t know, this place is kind of a dump, but it actually kind of rocks, dontcha think?”
  • “The contents were rather vague.  We need a new mule.  The butter churn is broken.”
  • “A man is never more a man than when he loves a woman.”
  • “I don’t want to be a player in someone else’s dream.”
  • “This is one sickly bunch.”

Viewer Quotes

  • “All this information was relayed to her in that one 20 second phone conversation?”
  • “Her friends are obviously going to show up here, and surprise her, so they can be killed.”
  • “I wouldn’t look away.  Likely to get goat-hooved in the face.”  –  “I had an uncle go the same way.”

Things We Learned

  • Haunted, vacant homes have clean linens everywhere.
  • Lucifer will never let you down.
  • Your friends will likely give you to a warlock if pushed far enough.
  • The only way to kill a warlock is with a knife hidden inside of a doll.
  • A vision with an eagle screech has great meaning.

Final Take: Not bad, but primarily filmed in one location like too many low-budget movies.  None of the actors were any good, and each of them was like a caricature of a mid-90’s gen x’er.  The best we can say is it wasn’t entirely boring, and it did hold the attention most of the way through.




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