Nightbreed (Director’s Cut)


Plot: A troubled young man is drawn to a mythical place called Midian where a community of mutant outcasts attempt to escape the attention of a psychotic serial killer and redneck vigilantes. Based on the novel “Cabal” by Clive Barker. (via IMDB)

Starring: Craig Sheffer


  • “Dr. P. Decker” nameplate is shown
  • Button Eyes kills someone
  • Any scene that goes on way too long
  • “Midian”


  • “You are a freak and a cannibal and you’ve come to the wrong town.”
  • “No pulse, the man is dead!”
  • “Not lying down dead, my friend.  Walking around in my fuckin’ cell dead.”
  • “Looks like the millenium just ended.”


Viewer Quotes

  • “Did she say ‘I want a gay man?'”
  • “I’m disappointed he doesn’t have a moon penis.”
  • “That’s not too bad…better than being a turkey being of some kind.”
  • “Why are there stupid sink holes everywhere?”
  • “That guy…the priest-slash-faggot.”

What We Learned

  • If you’re natural, you’re meat for a beast.
  • Night Breed are not good at fighting back and probably should just hide from now on.

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