Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

birdemic-2-poster-692x1024 (1)

Date Watched: 3/13/2014

Starring:  A bunch of shitty actors


A platoon of eagles and vultures attack Hollywood, California. Why did the eagles and vultures attack? Who will survive?


  • “Hollywood”
  • Anything blurred out.
  • Stupid music playing (better fill your drink up for this one)
  • Fake birds
  • Punching or jump-kicking birds
  • Exploding birds
  • Checking if people are dead, or declaring that people are dead
  • Mentioning Half Moon Bay


“Help!  Please help me  Something stung me!”  “What stung you?” “A giant, jumbo jellyfish.”

“I wish Susan could have been here to see this bird skeleton.  But she got a disease from this fish that Ron cooked.”

“La Brea means the ‘the tar’ in English.”

“I’ve already checked.  Everyone is dead.”  “So have I.  There’s no one left.”

“The birds don’t attack us.  Probably because we live a green, non-emitting lifestyle.”

“There’s a hotel up there.  Maybe they have some gas.”

Viewer Quotes

“They’re both wearing red.  Is that weird?”

“There is clearly some chemistry.  Or that guy is gay.”

“Nothing can save a movie like cavemen.”

What We Learned

James Nguyen is the master of Romantic Thrillers

Star light, star  bright.  Gonna party tonight.

Global warming causes birds to attack (we learned this in Birdemic 1, but this was reaffirmed)

When cavemen rise from the dead, they’re still cavemen.  When people who have recently died rise from the dead, they’re zombies.

Inexplicably, globally warming causes things to rise from the dead and go on murderous rampages

Birds explode like water balloons- and kill you

Final Take

Terrible acting but entertaining.  It was blatantly obvious that they tried to capture the “magic” of the first film, but the bad acting, editing, and sound seemed particularly forced.  But, really it didn’t stop this movie from accomplishing what it tried- to be horrible and still entertaining.

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