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Vs aka All superheroes must die (2011)

All superheroes must die

Date Watched: 2/28/2013

Starring: Jason Trost and James Remar

Where Found:  Amazon Video On Demand

Plot:  Four Super Heroes find themselves abducted by their Arch Nemesis and are forced to compete in a series of challenges in order to save an abandoned town full of kidnapped innocent civilians.  (From IMDB)


Take off a bandaid and show a bruise on their wrist

Superheroes take off a mask

Use a superpower

Say a superheroes name

Superhero dies


“F&CK, you have 80 seconds.”

“Charlie’s screwed.  He’s gonna die soon.”

“F&ck it.”

“Tell shadow I’m sorry about the stabbing.”

“Pain’s just a suggestion.”

“Backup plans are for people who expect to fail.”

Viewer Quotes:

“Oh yeah, fighting on a trampoline in a cage.”

“These superheroes are not very good at saving people’s lives.”

“Is that his boner alarm going off?”

“Why is that guy wearing a bear suit?”

Things We Learned:

Superheroes aren’t always very super.

Like in the movie “Speed” the best thing to do in a hostage situation is to shoot the hostage.  Except here we learned you should actually just go ahead and kill the hostage too.

Final Take:

We were really excited about this movie after the wonderful JTro movie “The FP”.  This was a big letdown.  According to IMDB it was shot for $20,000, written in 4 days, and filmed over 15 days.  Holy crap could you tell.

I don’t really know what the point of this movie was.  It wasn’t really a satire like “The FP”.  It wasn’t over the top.  It was just there.  I can’t really recommend this movie to others.  I commend JTro for putting this together w/o much time or funding, but the real question is why bother?  Maybe JTro is using the funds for something bigger coming up?  Until then, we have to take him down off of our must watch list.

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