Cheech and Chong and John Cleese (for 2 minutes)


Yellowbeard, a pirate’s pirate, is allowed to escape from prison to lead the authorities to his treasure. He finds that his wife neglected to tell him that he now has a son, 20, and shame of shame, an intellectual. The British Navy, Yellowbeard, his son, and members of Yellowbeard’s old crew all go after the treasure.


  • “Yellowbeard”
  • References to the reefer.
  • Cliche pirate crap
  • Every time there is a “raping”.


  • “I was raping you, if that’s what you mean.”
  • “I’ll nail your tits to the table.”
  • “Never trust your woman or a government.”

Viewer Quotes

  • “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Cheech and Chong.”
  • “There’s really no good rape jokes in PG movies anymore.”
  • “What is happening in this movie??”

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