The Marine


Matt Damon on steroids (aka John Cena)


John Cena brings the excitement of wrestling to the big screen in this awesome shoot-em-up.  So if you don’t like wrestling, consider that fair warning.  There are some explosions, shootings, and more explosions.  Get ready.


  • “Marine” (The word marine is spoken.  Worth 2 if its Cena who says it.)
  • A salute
  • A car gets air
  • Any mention of Rock Candy

Movie Quotes

  • “They have a hostage…It’s my wife!”
  • “What is this guy?  The terminator?”
  • “His name was Tim…Timothy.  He called himself Johnny Whiplash.  First he offered me friendship, then he offered me rock candy, then he offered me something I never should have accepted.” (i.e. butt sex, and dueling banjos starts playing in the background.)

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