Strike Commando

Viewing Date: April 28, 2022

Starring: Reb Brown

Plot: In the Vietnam war, an American soldier survives a botched mission, with help from a group of locals who perceive him as a hero. He’s sent back for a reconnaissance mission, only to find his helpers massacred by a brutal Russian soldier.


  • Explosions (reminder: house rule, but there are a lot)
  • Ramboisms
  • “Ransom”
  • Father Francois takes a drink
  • Abrupt scene transitions


  • “Disneyland. They’ve got popcorn and ice cream growing on trees.”
  • “I tried to resist. I just can’t stand physical pain. I never could. Like going to the dentist.”
  • “Jesus! You scared the shit out of me.”
  • “How do you say goodbye in Russian? Auf Wiedershen.”
  • “He works for the KGB, you thickheaded hero.”
  • “Where does he keep finding these clusters of grenades?”
  • “These Russian dentists make some pretty good dentures.”

Viewer Quotes

  • “Every time we see this guy he’s gotten even sweatier.”
  • “Apparently he got all these villagers killed. He must not be their savior.”
  • “What the fuck is this popcorn on trees shit!”
  • “Every namsploitation movie needs a revenge tour. Now he can kill with no remorse.”
  • “We need a line graph of sweatiness vs evil in this movie.”

What We Learned

  • The best way to command a mission is in the field, 50 yards from the operation.
  • Americans are saviors because they will kill your enemies for you, no questions asked.
  • You know someone is dead when their sandals fall off of their feet.
  • Grenades can sometimes have a timed fuse, when it suits.

Final Take

This was basically just a Rambo fever-dream. The scene transitions were difficult to follow. The plot made no sense, and pretty much all the supporting characters were killed after a few minutes of screen time. I’m still not sure why any of it even happened. But it was marginally enjoyable and I probably will watch the sequel.

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