The Veil


Date Watched: 9/21/2017

Starring: Cubano Joe and/or Ricky Martin, nobody else.


  • “The Veil”
  • People wearing the mask (or veil)
  • “The princess”
  • Stupid strut walking


  • “My dream of rebuilding our kingdom is finally coming true, and I won’t stop killing until I do.”

Viewer Quotes

  • “All this plot exposition is bullshit.” – “It’s not like we’re missing out on anything.”
  • “That’s just nerds taking karate classes.” – “They’re larping.”
  • “Is that really the coolest sword they could come up with?” – “It sure doesn’t look very cool.”
  • “If they’re not a nomadic people, and have been there for years and years, why would they have those silly tents?”
  • “What in the fuck just happened?”

Things We Learned

  • Don’t put dead bodies in your water supply.
  • What the word discursive means.  I will never forget the meaning of that word because of this movie.

Final Take: As a wise man on IMDB once said, “this movie is very discursive.”  Completely impossible to follow.  The action was not good, the acting was pretty bad, the storytelling was unintelligible, there was just nothing redeemable in this pile of crazy.  The best that could be said of this movie is that nobody fell asleep.


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