Poultygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)


Bodily Fluids


Masturbation references

Troma references

Chicken references



You see I was antibeastiality and he was pro.

Who put these mysterious vein covered pulsating eggs in this box?

Now eat my meat you vegan whores!

How can I ever love someone who wants me to eat cock.

The chicken, the chicken has declared jihad on us all.

There’s a severed penis in this sloppy Jose.

I’ll believe in the supernatural when I see it talking sandwich.

If we don’t find a way to stop them we’ll all have mops shoved up our asses.

Hummus see if you can find his rectum.

I wish I was a princess.  (As two chicken men pull a guy apart.)

Wendy you fucking drunk.


Things I learned:

Never again.

You can make movies in 2006 that look like they’re from 1992.

Alcohol kills zombie Native American chickens.


Viewer Quotes:

“I want to unlearn this movie”

“There were a lot of boobs, but less then half of them were decent.”


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